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Maximize Your Smile!

Dr. Kojima practices all areas of dentistry and his expertise is Aesthetics and Reconstructive Dentistry (Hollywood Line).  Dr. Kojima attended to dental school in the United States and is fluent in English.  He has a client base of  predominantly foreign expatriates, diplomats and their families. One of the advanced courses Dr. Kojima has completed is UCLA's Advanced Studies In Aesthetics, Clinical Peridontics & Implants Seminars.  


Dr. Kojima returns to the U.S. several times a year to study the latest techniques from the best dental schools.  Dr. Kojima is committed to being on the leading edge of dental science and its related practices. Dr. Kojima and his staff would be happy to help you with all your dental care. 


Letter from patients

『One fine day, an orthodontist strongly recommended me visiting Dr. Kojima.

By that time, I had almost finished my orthodontic treatment and asked that doctor what I should do with my remained cavities, and above all, I deadly needed shinning and healthy teeth !

His reply was so simple that I should go to see Dr. Kojima at Tokyo Ambassador Dental Office(Formerly known as Akasaka Hills Dental Office).

On the first day we met, Dr. Kojima checked the conditions of all my teeth and showed his treatment plan together with cost estimation and time line. All the things were clear to me and I agreed with his reliable plan.

During the several months lasting treatment, we found many of unexpected problems which we could not find on the first day. However, Dr. Kojima and his staff coped with every single problem by providing detailed consultation and best care backed up by the state-of-the-art technology.

Finally, I got back my maximized smile in time for my son’s graduation day and now  I recommend my wife to visit Dr. Kojima to regain her big smile!  』

(Mr. O.T., Tokyo)